Do you Love a World of Color?

King Popular Design, established in 2005 is a company that specializes in fine art and marketing. I started this coming when I was attending The Art Institute of Atlanta. While studying graphic design I realize that the network of people that I  was surrounded by offered many different resources that lean them self to the design world. I knew then, that I wanted to start a company that would not only educate the community on the arts but also offer a service that would inspire a new generation of designer….

Building King Popular Design has been very similar to growing up as a kid in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Goldsboro is a small city located east of Raleigh, which is the capital of North Carolina. Goldsboro offed many challenges growing up as a kid to a single mom. There were many opportunities to learn to operate daily as a independent teenager with the community at your disposal,  several days when crucial decisions had to be made. Having the ability to sell, just about anything I put my hands on, was a valuable tool. The lessons that I learned at the age twelve taught me that trust, loyalty, honesty, and most important integrity will position you to have longevity in any venture you pursue…

April 9

At the age of fithteen years old I had to decide what I wanted from life. I choose a life of experience challenged by growth that would come from constiently educating myself. Educating myself with the knowledge that it would take to run a company that would free my mind of societies constant traditional mind set. A mind set that was not only old in its concept, but also old in the most important sense growth. While attending Goldsboro middle school I tried several different activities. Among the activites that I was invovled with were basketball,football,baseball,home economy, band, and teenager fraternity that resemble Omega Shi Phi. I enjoy each and every one of the activities. The two activites that interest me the most were basketball and home economy.

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