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King Popular Design Website Directory Release

Subject: King Popular Design Website Directory Release

To reintroduce myself I’m William M Floyd, Owner-Creative Director of King Popular Design. We specialize in marketing and fine art creative. Currently we’re reaching out to our professional colleagues with intentions of generating new revenue. I need your help leading the industry in delivering the latest in our community. We will list your company information in our directory as a contact for your respected profession.

Please send us the following information listed below to

Your Company Website:
Facebook page:
Myspace page:
Wordpress page:
Twitter page:
Phone number:
Email addresss:

Also include any information of recent accomplishments and events:

Here are our links:

William Floyd
Owner-Creative Director
King Popular Design
Designs Built for Royalty ™


Yall Slippin Concepts

Yall Slippin is a company that specializes in exposing unsigned music talent. King Popular Design is associated with the company and its image development. yall slippin

Studio Paintings, Coltrane Parker and Ellington

John ColtraneCharlie Parker studioduke studioJohn Coltrane, Duke Elllington and Charlie Parker where all talented in thir own respect. I was inspired by their great work ethics and ability to capture an audience’s attention. They all carried themselve with a sense of confidence and pride. I enjoy jazz music and these artist influence there colt heavily.

Create Weatlth

Design Built for Royalty

Design Built for Royalty

Think Dream Live

Picture 1Picture 1

Think Dream Live Logo

Think Dream Live Logo Concepts

Think Dream Live ConceptsPersistence is everything when building a business. I enjoy every momment that happens. I’m the creative behind the creative. I thrive for the best each time I pick up the pin or pencil. I can make something out of nothing

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