Too Hot to Handle!

It was a cool 96 degrees and the shade showed no love on the day King Pop took on one of his greatest ventures. Meldora Hair Salon, conveniently located near downtown Decatur, is more of a boutique for hair with its chic and upscale ambiance, and as such, needed a sign that would capture its essence. The colors were chosen: Army Green, Lime Green, White and Black, the design was another question. This was Pop’s first time creating and executing an outside marketing project, and as you know, there’s nothing like the first time.

After a not so quick trip to Home Depot we were prepared to work, paintbrushes in hand. I knew the least bit about painting but felt honored to assist him on this epic project. With Pop as the lead methodically and intricately stroking the brush against the wall, I followed, hoping I would stay in the lines. After two hours in the sun we were charged up with plenty of energy! A jug of water kept us hydrated and the tunes of Drake kept us in the rhythm of the moment. After nearly six hours of work, and a tan that would last until November, we had finally reached and ending point, or so we thought.

Pop’s artistic appetite was not satisfied by merely painting the wall, and his attempt to add his “touch” was not well received by the owner.  So where was the happy medium? How do you combine classic sophistication with a strong artistic flair? The final product is the perfect answer.

Since this day Mr. Floyd, aka Pop, has completed several other outside projects, one of which was for a family charity service. Outside marketing projects bring a new element to a business. Bridging business and art, they create a unique experience for the customers and offer the business owner with a permanent outside campaign. A marketing service such as this surpasses a regular billboard, which often lacks originality, and allows the business owner to customize their sign/logo and capture the true essence of their business.

Let your Businesses sign be a Masterpiece!

Also check out Pop’s work in Decatur’s feature blog Next Stop!

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