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The love for art, writing, discourse, and the unique are the true inspirations for my life's vision. What I choose to share with you is only a reflection of what we see in the world. The beautiful, the horrid and the perfect in-between. So feel free to share your thoughts with respect and open-mindedness.

Live at the Shed!!

Every 3rd Sunday Find King Pop at the Shed LIVE!!

This is the place to be for jazz, food, art, and fellowship. Located 675 metropolitan pkywy suite 3094 Atlanta GA 30310 in a spacious, chic loft, this monthly event features local jazz talents and an open mic as well as photography, catered food, and more!

Check out these pictures from the event as King Pop steals the show with his live art performance.

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Remaining versatile is essential to the success of any business and at King Popular Design we do just that. In addition to specializing in marketing campaigns and design services King Popular Design is also available for booking events. Live Art adds a certain spontaneity to any event and helps capture the moment better than Kodak. For more information or to book an event visit or email

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