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Pop Culture Clothing 1 year

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KingPop Short Documentary


Royal Flush Studios: An Affiliate of King Popular Design

Royal Flush Studios Portfoliio

The Making of a Brand

No matter where you go you will recognize Coca Cola. Their brand has become iconic in many ways. Branding is a powerful tool, and when used correctly it is the difference between having local stardom and worldwide recognition. But with all the brands, how does one stand out?

King Popular Design specializes in creating the perfect brand by offering clients the most essential aspects to any brand:originality and design. When King Pop creates a brand, unlike other marketing companies, it is not merely an image but artistry. This allows for the brand to not only be a marketing tool, but a symbol of the business itself. The art within the design can capture the actual “feel” of the business so that in looking at the brand future patrons will know “Oh, that business is chic” or “That business is powerful”. These are emotions that distinguish an image from a brand, and can be achieved when the creator knows the balance between business and art.

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King Popular Design currently has an extensive list of clientele and provides them with a range of branding tools across different media. That means that King Popular Design Marketing Company is capable of not only creating a unique brand, but is then able to transmit that brand in various forms including t-shirts, wall paintings, posters, etc.

For more information on branding services contact us via email, or call 404.585.8182

Create a timeless symbol and Let your next brand take you to the next level with King Popular Design.

Advertise with King Popular Design

Advertisements are a primary source of promotion for businesses, and with the right advertisement a business is able to broaden their market. King Popular Design Co has completed several ad campaigns from a wide range of clientele including Mitsubishi Electric Co. With expertise in this field we help businesses revamp their marketing scheme and provide a new, refined and polished advertisement campaign.
After a reconstructed marketing plan Mitsubishi reported a 25% increase in distributor and manufacturer relations which in turn led to a 15% increase in overall sales. The numbers speak for themselves, and pictures are a thousand words.

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Let King Popular Design Co. be the voice behind your next advertising campaign. For a complete list of ad campaign services and more information contact us at

Too Hot to Handle!

It was a cool 96 degrees and the shade showed no love on the day King Pop took on one of his greatest ventures. Meldora Hair Salon, conveniently located near downtown Decatur, is more of a boutique for hair with its chic and upscale ambiance, and as such, needed a sign that would capture its essence. The colors were chosen: Army Green, Lime Green, White and Black, the design was another question. This was Pop’s first time creating and executing an outside marketing project, and as you know, there’s nothing like the first time.

After a not so quick trip to Home Depot we were prepared to work, paintbrushes in hand. I knew the least bit about painting but felt honored to assist him on this epic project. With Pop as the lead methodically and intricately stroking the brush against the wall, I followed, hoping I would stay in the lines. After two hours in the sun we were charged up with plenty of energy! A jug of water kept us hydrated and the tunes of Drake kept us in the rhythm of the moment. After nearly six hours of work, and a tan that would last until November, we had finally reached and ending point, or so we thought.

Pop’s artistic appetite was not satisfied by merely painting the wall, and his attempt to add his “touch” was not well received by the owner.  So where was the happy medium? How do you combine classic sophistication with a strong artistic flair? The final product is the perfect answer.

Since this day Mr. Floyd, aka Pop, has completed several other outside projects, one of which was for a family charity service. Outside marketing projects bring a new element to a business. Bridging business and art, they create a unique experience for the customers and offer the business owner with a permanent outside campaign. A marketing service such as this surpasses a regular billboard, which often lacks originality, and allows the business owner to customize their sign/logo and capture the true essence of their business.

Let your Businesses sign be a Masterpiece!

Also check out Pop’s work in Decatur’s feature blog Next Stop!

For More information and a complete list of King Pop’s products and services visit and

King Popular Design Presents: Royal Flush

King Popular Design Presents: Royal Flush Collection
Hosted by Kingpo
Showcasing work by Vangeto, Sadiq, Lunami & T-Mack
August 29, 2009
Show Start 7PM-
Grown & Relax
Free All Night
The Best Designers and Artist in Atlanta
Location: 478.5 Edgewood Avenue Atlanta, GA 30312
DJ Grandman and DJ Tiffi-T on the 1’s and 2’sRoyal Flush

Building a Lasting Brand in this Reccesion 2009

King Popular Design’s brand has expanded yet again. As the owner-creative director of King Popular Design my goal is to continue educating myself and my colleagues. Today I added Seven74 to my list of retail carries. Seven74 is an accessory boutique that has made jewel for several clients such as Kerri Hilson, Ciara and several other A list celebrities. After installing a painting of Dorthy Dandridge I stop in next door to Edgwood Pizzeria to take a look at other paintings that I installed last week. After gabbing a king slice of pizza and a pop I step outside. I was meet by two homeless men who I spoke with for several minutes. They inspired me with there stories and left me with a valuable thought of nugget. Education is key and with out it your just another lost soul. I’m living out my dream of building a successful business and leading my family. I enjoy all the love and support. Email me if I can help you or inspire you in any way. or visit my site

Woman of Ethincity

King Popular Design vangeto series was inspired by great artist originally form Miami Florida but reside here in Atlanta GA now we connect about two months ago a point in my life where inspiration was lacking. I’m so excited about what our collaboration will bring to my business and career. My site has a special edition with a great price. Here is a quick look a what the series will embody let me know what you thinkROSS VANGETO

King Popular Design Website Directory Release

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