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Design Built for Royalty

Design Built for Royalty

Think Dream Live

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Think Dream Live Logo

Think Dream Live Logo Concepts

Think Dream Live ConceptsPersistence is everything when building a business. I enjoy every momment that happens. I’m the creative behind the creative. I thrive for the best each time I pick up the pin or pencil. I can make something out of nothing

Bob Fest concepts 2009

Bob Fest

BoB Fest Logo Canvas

Logo Sample

King Popular Design Fine Art & Marketing specializes in creating and updating company branding. Here a some examples of our work. visit or email for price list or quotes Logo spread sheet

King Popular Design Brand Persistence

As King Popular Design’s  leader/founder/owner/operator I pride my self in building a life long company with a well respected brand. The experience that my company has gained though our everlasting clients base speaks wonders of our products and services. As we continue to expand our business we look forward educating and exciting the community about the marketing/design world.



Longevity in the business of fine art and marketing is my standard. As the owner-operator of King Popular Design my goal is to treat every project like its the companies first client. I believe in basic fundamentals when doing business to business. Delivering a product or service with great quality and fast turnaround time. William Floyd, owner-operator


Fine Art Collection

Fine Art Collection

Big Dreams…. Big Plans… Big City…I’m on my way to Atlanta to make a couple of moves. Meetings, Production, and Tutoring are a few of the things that I do when I’m in the city. Come walk with me in my day to day operation.

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