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KingPop Short Documentary


Watch “Royal Flush Studios present KingPop Art” on YouTube


Popcultureclothing Commercial

KingPop First Solo Art Exhibition

Come out for Flux Project 2012 and view KingPop first solo Art Collection. Hosted by House of Adrene and Writer/Journalist Han Vance

Oct 6th

View over 7 different collection as KingPop exhibits his wide range Art Collection. Over 600 works, are in his growing archives.

Some of the notable places his work has been seen are:

Chelsea Hotlel-NYC
Cover of the Atlanta Tribune
Royal Flush Studios and
Prospect Galley

View his work in last years Flux Projects Film and other links below:

Flux Project 2012:

Quick Video of some of some of my work:

Short Doc of me:

View over #600 Work in his online portfolio:


NEW: Pop Culture Clothing commercial

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